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Pet Services - dog walkingThe Light of the World Trust will provide a free dog walking and pet feeding/grooming service to those in receipt of state pension and physically disabled adults in receipt of Disability Living Allowance. This service is currently available in Hillingdon and Harrow and has recently extended to Bucks, Berks and Hampshire. This free service is proving to be a genuine need of the elderly and physically disabled.

It is well documented that owning a pet can be of tremendous therapeutic benefit in situations of loneliness, isolation and depression. Just stroking a pet has, in fact, been proved to help in lowering blood pressure, relief of headaches and many other stress related conditions. From a security point of view a growling/barking dog is also an excellent deterrent against intruders. Pets are great companions too and sadly in many cases may be the only companion the elderly/physically disabled person has. Many of these people choose not to have a pet solely because they have no one to look after their pet if they need to go into hospital or if they need to take a holiday or perhaps stay with family.

The Light of the World Trust provides caring volunteers who will exercise a service users dog, feed and groom dogs and cats and even take the pet to the PDSA when in need of veterinary care.

Users of our service tell us what a difference it has made to their lives. They develop a friendship with their volunteer and look forward to their daily chats. They tell us they now hav peace of mind with the companionship that owning a pet has given them, if their pet is a dog, they are no longer afraid of their home being broken into by intruders and no longer feel guilty about being unable to exercise their dog.

Because our volunteers enter the homes of arguably the most vulnerable people in the community, we take up references of each volunteer, seek confirmation from their GP that they are physically and mentally suitable.

In some cases people, having heard of the service we provide, ask for our help in obtaining a dog or cat. A volunteer has been able to drive them to the appropriate rescue centre to choose a pet. The Light of the World Trust is working in partnership with Age Concern and we also appear in their handbook.

We are seeking volunteer dog walkers who live in Hampshire, Berkshire, Bucks, Hillingdon and Harrow.

Would you like to be one of our volunteer dog walkers/pet carers? Would you like one of our volunteers to help you look after your pet or exercise your dog?

You can contact us on 01895 271659/272305 or e-mail us at or send us a fax on 01895 230187.

An application form is available here.

Pet Services 2Free in-house boarding for dogs and cats*

We have had many enquires from concerned service users, relatives and neighbours asking if The Light of the World Trust also provides retirement/short stay boarding facilities for dogs and cats. Indeed, our service users tell us that their main concern is what will happen to their dog/cat should they need to go into hospital or a nursing home and when they die. They tell us that they don’t like the idea of their dog being cooped up in a kennel or their cat going to a cattery.

The trustees of the Light of the World Trust agree wholeheartedly that it is traumatic and depressing for a dog or cat having spent their lifetime in a warm homely environment with much desired human company to end their days confined in a kennel or cattery. Human companionship is essential to all pets and for this reason The Light of the World trust is currently fundraising for a large house with 4 or 5 reception rooms on the lower floor. This floor being for the use of dogs, the upper floor to be used for residential staff and cats. One of the rooms used for the boarding for cats, on the upper floor would access from a window, a large chained linked enclosed run in which grass, shrubs and herbs suitable for cats would be grown.

The ground floor rooms used for boarding dogs would be central heated during the winter months and contain old sofas and rugs, perhaps even TV’s and radios and these rooms would have direct access to approximately three acres of semi woodlands and open land. Since fighting between dogs usually only occurs over the issue of food, out door kennels would be used solely for feeding and grooming purposes.

As well as residential trained staff, The Light of the World Trust will also use carefully selected and vetted volunteers for the caring of these pets.

All the pets will be loved and cared for as members of one large family, their individual needs being carefully considered. The three trustees are pet lovers themselves owning between them five dogs and four cats.

If you would like to help us fundraise for this exciting and innovative project by making a donation please click ‘How to make a donation’. Your kind contribution, no matter how small will go a long way in helping The Light of the World Trust realize our ‘in-house short stay/retirement boarding facilities for dogs and cats.

If you would like to support us in our fundraising for dog boarding facilities, your donation would be very much appreciated. Please send your cheque to The Light of the World Trust at 118 Misbourne Road, Hillingdon, Middlesex, UB10 0HP.

* We would offer free boarding facilities for pets belonging to the elderly i.e. those in receipt of state pension and the physically disabled if they are in receipt of DLA.



We intend raising funds in the following way:-

Seeking donations from charities, trusts, companies, local councils and the general public.
By arranging fund raising events.
With the help of volunteers on a national basis, for leaflet distribution.

Would you like to become involved in these worthwhile projects?

We urgently require volunteers for our fundraising activities, if you would like to help, you can call us on
01895 271659/272305
or fax us on
01895 230187
or e-mail

All fund givers will be regularly updated on the current situation in respect of our objective in our mailed newsletter.

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