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The Light of the World Trust provides a free dog walking service to those in receipt of state pension and physically disabled adults in receipt of Disability Living Allowance. This service is rapidly expanding throughout the South East of England and the Midlands. This service is proving to be a genuine need for the elderly and disabled.

It is well documented that owning a dog provides great benefit in the following areas; loneliness, isolation, depression, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, companionship, increases security and a sense of personal safety.

The Trust provides caring volunteers who will exercise a service user’s dog, groom and possibly take the dog for veterinary care.

Dog pic 2Our current service users tell us of the huge difference the volunteers make to their lives and the wellbeing and health of their beloved dogs! They feel less guilty about being unable to provide adequate exercise themselves.

Friendships are forged which are mutually beneficial, and in some cases have lasted for years.

Our service users are the most vulnerable in society, therefore we take up references from our volunteers and also contact their G.P’s to confirm that they are mentally and physically fit before introducing them to our service users.

Dog pic 3The Trust is working in partnership with Age Concern and is listed in their handbook.

The Trust is always seeking new volunteers and service users in all areas of the country!

If you would like to register with us as one of our service users, please click HERE.

If you would like to apply to become one of our volunteer dog walkers, please click HERE.


Dog pic 4The Trust has had many enquiries from service users, as to whether we provide free boarding facilities while they are in hospital, nursing home or after they have passed away. Their concern for their ‘best friends’ quality of care and remaining years is our concern too!

The Trust is currently fundraising for a boarding facility that would try and match the dog’s current home situation, rather than typical kennel accommodation.

We are seeking a large house with suitable grounds to provide staff accommodation and in-door ‘lounge style’ boarding care, utilising sofas, radios and other comforts to replicate the dogs usual home environment. Hopefully this will help with the stress of separation and anxiety experienced by both dogs and their owners at these times.

Dog pic 5For this facility we would need to provide permanent staff and seek dedicated volunteers to make this a successful venture.

The trustees are committed to only providing the highest standards of care for all dogs; we are dog owners and understand the special relationship and life enhancement that their companionship brings to their owners.

These boarding facilities would be provided for a minimum weekly rate for those in receipt of state pension and Disability Living Allowance.

If you would like to help with fundraising or to donate to this aspect of the Trust please see below.


Any donation you give will be very gratefully received.


We would be very grateful for any help in the following areas

  1. Seeking donations from charities, trusts, companies, local councils and the general public.
  2. Arranging fund raising events.
  3. Leaflet distribution.

Please call or fax 01895 271659
Cheques payable to the Light of The World Trust
118 Misbourne Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB10



The flatcoated Retriever
Shiloh aged 6 years

The flatcoated Retriever is often referred to as the “Peter Pan” of the retrieving breeds. Quite simply because they love life and live it to the full.  They crave the company of humans and are not good left to their own devises.  They are slower to mature than their Labrador or Golden cousins and therefore can be well into their “middle years” before they grow up.

They are known for their lovely temperaments and affectionate nature.  All they want to do is to please their owners.  Whether their ideas of pleasing are in line with that of their owners is often a debateable matter.  They are full of energy and therefore need firm but sympathetic training.

My role within the Flatcoated Retriever Society is that of “Litter Secretary”.  Simply put this means that anyone who has bred a little of puppies and requires assistance in placing them in homes can put them on the Society Register.  Providing of course they comply with our Code of Ethics in terms of health tests etc.  People who are looking to purchase a Flatcoat puppy then contact me and I will put them in touch with breeders whom I feel are best suited to their requirements.

Over the last 30 years I have assisted thousands of people in their purchases- many come back to me time and time again.  There is no better pleasure in having phone calls and cards from people saying “Thank you for your help in finding me such a lovely Flatcoat.”

Shirley Johnson


Pip our puppyPip our puppy, aged 12 weeks.




We intend raising funds in the following way:-

Seeking donations from charities, trusts, companies, local councils and the general public.
By arranging fund raising events.
With the help of volunteers on a national basis, for leaflet distribution.

Would you like to become involved in these worthwhile projects?

We urgently require volunteers for our fundraising activities, if you would like to help, you can call us on
01895 271659
or fax us on
01895 271659
or e-mail

All fund givers will be regularly updated on the current situation in respect of our objective in our mailed newsletter.

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